Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, "the Company Group" refers collectively to HOPE, INC., JICHITAI AD, INC., and JICHITAI WORKS, INC.

Basic policy

The Company Group believes that it has an important social responsibility to respect the value of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information" as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information [Act No. 180 of 2003]) entrusted to us by our customers, and to manage and protect it appropriately at all times. We respect the value of personal information entrusted to us by our customers, and we believe that it is our important social responsibility to ensure that such information is properly managed and protected at all times. In order to put this into practice, the Group has established the following policy, and is committed to the appropriate handling of personal information by ensuring that its directors and employees are aware of the importance of protecting personal information and are fully committed to its protection.

    1. 1.In addition to complying with laws, regulations, and other standards pertaining to the protection of personal information, the Group will review the contents of this policy from time to time and strive to improve it and protect personal information.
    2. 2.In acquiring personal information for services provided in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy, the Company Group will clarify the purpose of use, acquire the information appropriately within the necessary scope for which consent has been obtained, and use the information within the scope of the purpose of use.
    3. 3.In the event that we outsource operations involving personal information within the scope of the purpose of use, we will enter into a contract with the outsourcer, require the outsourcer to manage the information in an appropriate manner equivalent to our own, and supervise the outsourcer.
    4. 4.In addition to maintaining the accuracy and security of the personal information entrusted to us, we will maintain internal regulations and take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.
    5. 5.The Group shall establish an internal management system for the protection of personal information, develop an organizational structure, and ensure that all directors and employees are familiar with the system.
    6. 6.The Group will respect the rights of individuals regarding personal information. If you have any complaints or requests regarding your personal information, or if you wish to have your personal information disclosed, corrected, or deleted, please contact our group office, and we will promptly respond to your request within a reasonable period of time and to a reasonable extent.

Name, address, and name of representative of each company comprising the Company Group

    1. 1.HOPE, INC.
      MG Yakuin Building, 1-14-5 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0022, Japan
      Takayasu Tokitsu, CEO

    2. 2.JICHITAI AD, INC.
      MG Yakuin Building, 1-14-5 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0022, Japan
      Takayasu Tokitsu, CEO

      MG Yakuin Building, 1-14-5 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0022, Japan
      Takayasu Tokitsu, CEO

Handling of personal information

In order to keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering, leakage, etc. thereof, the Company Group will take the necessary measures, such as maintaining a security system, developing a management system, and providing thorough employee training to implement safety measures and strictly manage your personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information in the Company Group

The Company Group will only use personal information for the following purposes and within the scope of the following business.

    1. 1.To provide the services you have registered or applied for
    2. 2.To provide customers with other services, contents, and information that may be useful in relation to the services for which you have registered or applied
    3. 3.To send direct mail, email magazines, and other advertisements to customers based on the consent of the customer or within the scope and means permitted by law
    4. 4.To improve existing services and to conduct research and development on new services
    5. 5.To respond appropriately to inquiries and claims from customers
    6. 6.To provide customers' personal information and personal data to the Group in accordance with the provisions on the joint use of personal information below

The Company Group will clearly state on each website the purpose of use related to the websites it operates.

Joint Use of Personal Information

The Company Group may share customers' personal information within the Group as follows.

    1. 1.Items of personal data to be shared
      Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, and other personal information necessary for response
    2. 2.Scope of joint use
      HOPE, INC. and its subsidiaries and affiliates
    3. 3.Purpose of joint use
      To provide appropriate responses to customer inquiries, to provide services, to facilitate transactions, and to protect the legitimate interests of customers
    4. 4.Person responsible for management of personal information in joint use
      Personal Information Protection Manager, HOPE, INC.

Provision to Third Parties

Personal information received from customers will not be disclosed or provided to third parties, except in the following cases.

    1. 1.when the customer has given consent
    2. 2.When the Group discloses personal information to a contractor to provide services requested by the customer
    3. 3.When the information is used jointly within the Group in accordance with the provisions on the joint use of personal information above
    4. 4.When disclosure is required by law

About our use of cookies

Some pages on the Company Group's website use cookies in order to analyze and understand how customers use the website, and to provide more optimal information to customers. The information collected through the use of cookies does not contain any information that can identify the customer. You can set your Internet browser to refuse cookies, but if you do so, you may not be able to view some of the services provided on the website.

Disclosure, correction, termination of use, and complaints about personal information

We will respond to requests for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of content, termination of use, deletion, and termination of provision to third parties of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Disclosure, etc.”) upon verification that you are the person in question or a legitimate representative of the person who made the request. In addition, personal information obtained in the request for Disclosure, etc. will be used only to the extent necessary for the request for Disclosure, etc.

    1. 1.Address for requests of Disclosure, etc.
      Manager in Charge of Personal Information Protection, HOPE, INC.
      MG Yakuin Building 7F, 1-14-5 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0022, Japan
      TEL +81-92-716-1404; FAX +81-92-716-1467

    2. 2.Documents required for the request for Disclosure
      In order to respond to your request for Disclosure, etc. of your personal information, we will send you the necessary documents after receiving your request.
      Please fill out the required information on the documents, enclose one of the following documents for identification and return them to the “Address for requests of Disclosure, etc.” above.
      ・A copy of your driver’s license
      ・A copy of your passport (within its period of validity)
      ・A copy of your certificate of residence

    3. 3.Means of response from us
      The Company Group will respond to the applicant by certified mail to the person in question.

Review of Privacy Policy, etc.

The Company Group will continuously review and improve this Privacy Policy and other related internal rules and regulations to ensure that they remain effective and appropriate. In the event that this Privacy Policy is revised, the revised Privacy Policy shall apply from the date of publication of the revised version.

Established: October 01, 2011
Updated: July 10, 2018
Updated: August 02, 2021
Updated: December 01, 2021
Updated: April 06, 2022
Takayasu Tokitsu